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Welcome to the Mothers' Watch website PDF Print E-mail
Mothers' Watch is a watch dog organization that has been looking into sex education materials found in the Catholic schools.  The issue of classroom sex education encompasses more than just the text books. For years have written newsletters to inform parents of our findings.  Many of these newsletters have been on our website.  

However, with our updated website we are still in process of breaking down our newsletter articles and updating them so that they may be more user friendly. We still have a way to go so all categories are not yet finished.  We thank you for all your interest and support and hope you will find our site helpful.


For those who are new to the Mothers' Watch website, a word of caution is necessary. Some of the material is shocking and not suitable for children--but because parents need to know exactly what their children may be exposed to in some programs in Catholic schools we have sadly included just what we have found.