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Sex Education - A Brief Background

The topic of sex education is one that few people want to discuss, much less closely examine.  Parents want to trust the Catholic schools.  Pastors of parishes that have Catholic schools are subject to the requirements set up by the bishop of the diocese. 

The buck stops with the bishops who mandate the programs.  Parents who voice concerns about the content of sex programs find that those concerns fall on deaf ears.  

In the 1950’s, American bishops could still be depended upon for strong moral leadership.  At that time they came out strongly against classroom sex education.  However by the late 1960’s the lure of government funds through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) had bishops eagerly holding out their hands.   The local pastor soon had little control over the parish schools as schools across the country became centralized under the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and secularized through state interventions.  As a result, Catholic schools were quickly reduced to “community” schools in content while keeping a weak façade of being Catholic.  Catholic textbooks and library books disappeared and were replaced by secular books and novels.  Sex education was mandated using the methodology and content of Planned Parenthood with K through 8 textbooks sporting a thin Catholic disguise.  

The secularization, brought to Catholic schools through sex education and it accompanying values clarification methodology, was the work of the U. S. Bishops at a national level so that schools all over the U. S. were being affected.  Thus parents have been hard pressed to find a Catholic school that did not follow the mandate of the Bishop and embrace a K-12 sex education curriculum and the values clarification methodology.  Values clarification is the companion to all social programs and steers children away from the need to obey set rules (Commandments, Church teaching, parental instruction, etc.).  Instead, students are led to zero in on one’s self, to  make choices about behavior and beliefs based on personal feelings and  to form decisions often with a consensus from their peer group.  The values clarification method is psycho-therapeutic and psycho-sexual and by-passes the intellect and delves into the emotional realm where feelings dominate.

Self esteem, self image, decision-making skills and similar sounding words are all titles given to the same emotionally charged values clarification program.  Parents are told that low self esteem or low self image is the reason why children are not succeeding academically, or why they get involved in sex or drugs.  The educators proclaim that in order to make the right choices or decisions, children have to be introduced to the real world with its sex, violence, suicide, drugs and bad language.  No longer is the classroom experience aimed at being uplifting.  Instead, excursions into the violent and seedy world of sex come through classroom literature and films. Gone are the inspiring stories of heroism or stories of wholesome family life that demonstrated resolutions to difficulties.  Students are being burdened, not uplifted.  They are being bound to their emotions and those of their peers and thus psychologically separated from the security of their home and their Faith.

While the Church has constantly taught that parents are the prime educators of their children, the parents who have objected to sex programs in their child’s classroom have been treated shabbily by school administrators and often treated contemptuously by their bishop. The enormity of the sex abuse scandal and the revelations that many clergy and hierarchy are homosexual brings a new urgency to the looking into the sex education subject matter not only for parents, but most importantly for the American bishops.

The Mothers' Watch articles on this website are a shocking revelation of those who control Catholic education having gone terribly wrong. 



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